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My New Product Line Shop: Shop: Shop:+t-shirts This is a used 2007 (also current model) Vespa LX150 Scooter. The Piaggio 125cc four-stroke engine is used here - like it's other applications, it accelerates the Vespa LX125 forward smoothly, quietly and fuss free. It features a round headlamp, smooth timeless design lines, curvy panels, comfy and roomier seat, wide side mirrors, machined alloys, easy-going analogue console, upright riding position, drum brakes and tubeless tyres.

Vespa 50 Elestart, 1970 - It featured the great novelty of electric ignition, but the design was also completely revised and embellished compared to the 50 Special. Vespa 150 different improved performance, but also - a headlamp mounted high above the wheel. For those of you not intimately familiar with scooters, that does not mean that I'm riding in a fog and not paying attention.

Vespa LX 125 prices start at Rs. 75,440 (Ex-Showroom). After some buzzing around (Vespa” means wasp in Italian) in the immediate vicinity, it became clear that most of us prefer the 150. In many ways than one, our colleague's LX 150 is indeed a gem in its own right.

13 March 2018: Vespa LX 125 is an Italian 125cc scooter featuring retro looks yamaha tuned to impress the modern-day audience. Sold since 1969 till 1982, Vespa 50 was focused mainly on the youth market, this updated model changes were steering, front and rear fog lights.

The design theme includes the round headlight,curvy body panels and of course the slightly forward leaning Vespa LX is powered by a 125cc single cylinder unit that produces 10bhp and 10Nm of torque. The Givi SR105 Luggage Rack is a versatile and robust bike-specific rear rack that provides a platform for Givi top cases or for anchoring soft luggage.

The Piaggio Fly 150 is currently my favourite machine in this class. Living with the LX 150 is pretty simple; it does everything it's supposed to do in a rather dependable fashion. A reliable 150 mm reardrummodulates braking. Vespa LXV 125 - Similar idea, but a separate chrome headlight and speedo plus bare handlebars mimicking the look of early Vespas.

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